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Searching Hotels in Kolkata?

Pick the Best! - A Review

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Got a vacation and planning to visit Kolkata? If getting pampered amidst a lustrous ambience is your idea of a perfect tour, ordinary hotels are not your thing. Elevate your holiday mood with Barsana Boutique Hotel - one of the best 3 star hotels in Kolkata.

This blog is going to be different from random tips you may try while booking a hotel or some hotels you may check out. Here, I am going to offer a complete review of Barsana Boutique Hotel which is the one-stop destination should you look to indulge in luxury and grandeur.


So, without further ado, let’s proceed with the review.

  • Escape the Din and Bustle of the City

When I say Kolkata, what’s the first picture to appear in your mind? Crowd, crowd, and more crowd, right?


If you are like me who loves to stay in a calm and quiet place, nothing can be better than Barsana Boutique Hotel. It is located in a prominent place so that you don’t face any trouble to reach, yet the din and bustles of the busy city cannot touch you there.

And the best part? You can easily reserve your room with a few mouse clicks. This place is a must-try if you look to book a hotel online.

  • Tradition Meets Modern

Kolkata exhibits a perfect balance of tradition and modernity. And Barsana Boutique Hotel reflects the same vibe. Its interior decoration is sure to bewitch you with grand aesthetics. The royal atmosphere will make you feel no less of an ancient king or queen. Round the clock room service and warm hospitality of the staff add more to this.

On the other hand, the hotel is fully equipped with modern technology and amenities. Minibar at each room, Jacuzzi bath, Wi-Fi connection, digital climate regulator, and direct calling facility enhance your comfort. No wonder the hotel is ranked as one of the best hotels in Kolkata.

  • Everything You Need - Under One Roof!

Have you come to Kolkata for a particular purpose like arranging a conference meeting or organizing your daughter’s wedding? Barsana Boutique Hotel offers a compact service. Its adjacent Advaya Banquet Hall allows you to celebrate wedding and birthday parties or arrange corporate events or conference meeting. Its elegant and creative decoration instantly uplifts the charm of your party. Additionally, you and your guests can stay at Barsana Boutique Hotel. The hotel has four types of rooms - executive, deluxe, superior mini-suites and Barsana suites - to match your purpose and budget. No wonder it’s the perfect pick if you plan to book a 3 star hotel in Kolkata.

Wait! There’s more! The in-house Bahula Restaurant demands a separate mention. Its lip-smacking vegetarian cuisines, cozy sitting arrangements, and luxurious decor are sure to enhance your experience of visiting Kolkata.


I was fascinated to stay at this boutique hotel that intermingles local culture with top-notch facilities. Should you look to book a hotel in Kolkata, you simply cannot afford to overlook Barsana Boutique Hotel. Spend a lavish holiday and explore the city of joy like never before!

Have you been there already? Comment below and share your experience.

Want to check out the hotel? Visit their website.

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