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Top 6 Benefits of Booking

Wedding Banquet Halls in Kolkata

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A family wedding is one of the most special events, not only for the bride or the groom but for the entire family. However, organizing a successful event comes with multiple hassles. Right from planning the guest list to the ceremony day - you must be engrossed in the tiniest of details so that everything goes smoothly on that day. With so many relatives, friends, and colleagues coming over to attend the ceremony, no way that you can afford to face any glitch.

However, executing a plethora of tasks single-handed is next to impossible. It’s not unusual to get confused and forget one thing or other. But such a malady can be resolved with the little help of banquet halls that not only offer an amazing venue but also help you to carry out the event with proficiency.


Let’s check out the benefits that a banquet hall in Kolkata can offer you:

1. Grand Interior Decoration

You must want to deliver your guests a breathtaking view. A spacious banquet hall allows you to explore various decorative ideas and themes that can revitalize the event.

2. Maintenance and Cleanliness

Undoubtedly, you don’t want to entertain the guests at a dingy marriage hall in Kolkata where the floors and walls are stained and discolored. The management of the banquet halls are extremely cautious and they spend hours in cleaning the area after every event. So you can expect a beautiful interior along with a luxurious exterior once you book such a hall.

3. Catering Service

Obviously, food is one of the most important parts of your wedding. From starters to the main course, drinks and desserts, there will be various types of foods and you must take care of their qualities.

No matter which cuisine you pick, the in-house catering services of the banquet halls are eligible to prepare it. You may also customize the menu and add your favorite delicacies.

4. Secured Environment

Right from the bride and groom to the relatives - everyone will carry expensive jewelries while attending a wedding. You cannot compromise with their security and the highly vigilant event managers at a banquet hotel won’t let you down.

5. Accommodation

A banquet hall offers you the privilege to entertain a lot of guests under one roof. Further, here you will have the advantage of modernized and luxurious washrooms, dressing rooms, and changing rooms that provide a comprehensive facility to your friends and families.

Also, if most of the guests are coming from out of town, you may even find a banquet hall that has an adjacent hotel to accommodate the guests.

6. Cost-Effective

Unlike popular assumption, wedding banquet halls in Kolkata are cost-effective if you consider the benefits that they serve. The grand decoration, lighting styles, and buffet arrangement do not only enhance the glamour and grace of your party but also give you a respite from spending extra amount on these.


If you are looking for such a banquet hall to celebrate the wedding, you don’t have to go far. Housed by Barsana Boutique Hotel, Advaya Banquet Hall offers you all these superior services at a cost-effective rate. Further, the in-house Bahula Restaurant can serve multi-cuisine authentic vegetarian delicacies to entertain the guests. Should you have any query, feel free to dial +919933305485.

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