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Top 5 Considerations Before Booking a Banquet Hall in Kolkata

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Impulsive decision can lead to a disaster when it comes to selecting a banquet hall in Kolkata. You need to consider various aspects before bringing out the purse.

Here are a few ideas you need to explore before venturing out.

1. What Does the Cost Cover?

It’s better not to assume that just because you have booked the venue, all the amenities and services come for free. Make sure to ask which facilities are covered in this. Clarify whether catering, water, fixtures like data projector in the ceiling, and other products/services are included in the sum amount.

Unquoted taxes and service charges can also shock you at the last minute. So it’s better to learn the ins and outs of the payment structure and stay prepared.


2. How Long Does It Take to Set-up the Venue?

Though most of the luxurious marriage halls in Kolkata boast of stunning interior decorations, you may want to decorate the place according to your favourite theme.

Now, depending on the size of the place or the grandeur of the theme, you need enough time to deck up the hall. Sometimes, you may have to rent the place for more than just the wedding day.

So talk to your decorators and discuss the theme before booking the hall. Otherwise, you may have to celebrate the best day of your life in a half-decked hall!

3. Can You Bring In Outside Suppliers?

Food is one of the most important elements among the primary considerations for a venue. If the banquet hall is offering in-house caterer, there’s no issue. It’s pretty convenient as you can get food and hall under one roof. Some banquet authority puts a restriction on bringing in outside suppliers. So it’s better to talk to them at the first chance.

4. What about Security?

Security is a crucial concern for the hosts. Your guests will surely wear expensive jewellery and carry pricey gifts. So you need to ensure that they don’t face any hazard. Talk to the manager about the security system of the hall and take additional measures if any celebrity or political persona is attending the event. Also, don’t forget to intimate the management about such invitees. It will help them to take adequate preparation.

5. Does It Have a Convenient Location?

Local wedding halls near you are always convenient to reach easily. But your guests may face a hard time reaching there if it’s located at the outskirt of the city. Ideally, a place located at an equal distance from the railway station and airport is the best if most of your guests are coming from out of the town.

Conclusion: If you are looking to meet all these considerations, check out Advaya Banquet hall. Housed by Barsana Boutique Hotel, this hall offers various amenities and facilities. You may arrange authentic vegetarian delicacies from in-house Bahula restaurant and accommodate your out-of-the-town guests in Barsana Boutique Hotel. The luxurious decoration of the banquet hall adds more charm to your event. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best banquet halls in Kolkata. Call +91 9933305485 or +91 33 404 51111 or drop a mail at now. You may also view the website to witness the grandeur of the hall.

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