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Reinvent Dining With Bahula

A Vegetarian Restaurant in Kolkata

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Food is the primary requirement of life. A man’s survival instinct depends principally on food, and that is why you will find something or the other to eat in every corner. In a city like Kolkata, famous for its non-vegetarian delights, it becomes a tad bit challenging to find that healthy vegetarian restaurant with a broad spread of cuisines. Thankfully, Bahula serves the purpose. If you search for the “best veg restaurants in Kolkata near me,” Bahula will surely be one of the top results. Situated inside the three-star Barsana Boutique Hotel, this vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata is one of its kind.

What makes Bahula so special?
Bahula is like no other vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata, as it serves the most high-grade food to its customers. The top cuisines served at the restaurant are:

1. Indian
2. Oriental
3. European
4. Chinese

The chefs preparing the meals are particularly trained in each cuisine, ensuring the food is finger-licking good. As a first-time customer, you will find a fantastic array of delicacies, leaving you bewildered. The trained servers and connoisseurs of Bahula will guide you through the best sellers of the place.
The ambience of this vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata is unique in its way. You will find yourself seated at a comfortable place, where even the colour of the walls and decor radiates warmth. What is interesting about Bahula is that every item available at the restaurant is hand-picked by experts and does something or the other to add a character to the place.
Deconstructing the dishes of Bahula
Food delivery applications have taken up the industry by storm and Bahula comes in the first place whenever you search for “veg restaurants near me.” Often you might be confused regarding the dishes you should opt at such a restaurant. So, let’s deconstruct a few of Bahula’s special items:
1. Tandoori Paneer Butter Masala: As one of the most familiar items at the restaurant, this is a special preparation of capsicum, onion, and roasted cottage cheese in a tomato gravy. Served with a sizzling of butter on top, you cannot get enough of this finger-licking dish.


2. Dal Bukhara: Also a traditional tandoori recipe, this preparation involves cooking black lentil overnight and serving it with a dollop of cream and butter.

3. Broccoli Aur Pista Ka Shorba: To all those who don’t like the look of broccoli, this can come as a surprise preparation. As a soup made up of the vegetable, the shorba is a mixture of numerous herbs and spices that lend it the unique taste.

4. Clear Veggie Cantonese Soup: Also a portion of a soup that fills in the most excellent oriental flavours in one. This Cantonese soup has chunky glass noodles and exotic vegetables.

5. Diwani Handi: An assortment of vegetables into one pot, simmered in a puree made up of spinach flavoured with fenugreek, this is one of the specialities of the restaurant.
Bahula, as a unique vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata, is known to be the ideal place to hold business dinners as well, for a vegetarian crowd. This is because the restaurant also offers a bar counter well-stocked with various kinds of alcohol.
Conclusion: Kolkata has moved on from being a place popular for just fish and rice, to a versatile city where you can also find delectable vegetarian food. All you need to do is search for, “best veg restaurants in Kolkata near me,” and you will find the address and contact details of Bahula. Given its strategic location, the restaurant is mostly booked to the brim, and that is why it is always suggested that you reserve a table before. Should you want to do so, give Bahula a call at +91 9933305485.

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